Rock'N'Roll Damnation
They say that you play too loud
Well baby, that's tough
They say that you got too much
Can't get enough
They tell you that you look a fool
And baby I'm a fool for you
They say that your mind's diseased, shaky stuff

And it's a Rock'n'Roll Damnation
Ma's own whipping boy
Rock'n'Roll Damnation
Take a chance while you still got the choice

You say that you want respect
Honey for what?
For everything that you've done for me
Thanks a lot
Get up off your bended knees
You can set your mind at ease
My temperature's running hot
I've been waiting all night for a bite of what you got

Oh, it's a hard life

Damnation, they're putting you down
Damnation, all over town
Damnation, cause you're way outta reach
Livin' on the streets you gotta practice what you preach

Damnation, left a happy home
Damnation, just to live on your own
Damnation, you wanna live in sin
Damnation, it's a rock'n'roll thing
Damnation, just a bundle of joy
Damnation, you're a toy for a boy
Damnation, you got dollars in your eye
Damnation, chasin' that pie in the sky
Damnation, rock'n'roll-