Problem Child
I am hot and when I'm not
I'm cold as ice
See me coming
Just step aside
Or pay the price
What I want I take
What I don't I break
And I don't want you
With a flick of my knife
I can change your life
There's nothing you can do
Cause I'm a Problem Child
(And I'm wild)
Make my stand
No man's land
On my own
Man in blue
It's up to you
The seed is sown
What I want I stash
What I don't I smash
And you're on my list
Dead or alive, I got a .45
And I never miss
Cause I'm a Problem Child
Every night, street light
I drink my booze
Some run, some fight
But I win, they lose
What I need I like
What I don't I fight
I don't like you
Say bye bye while you're still alive
Your time is due
Cause I'm a Problem Child